Professor K.A. Kuterbekov’s monograph will be published in SpringerNature.

Professor K.A. Kuterbekov’s monograph will be published in English in the leading world scientific and technical publishing house SpringerNature.

Recently, our University received a Letter from the famous SpringerNature Publishing House, in which the Publishing House confirms the following important Information. SpringerNature publishing house signed the Contract about the publication of the K.A. Kuterbekov’s monograph " Environmental monitoring at a former uranium milling site: Pollution by radionuclides at tailing ponds of Koshkar-Ata, Kazakhstan ".

Since July 2017, this monograph (in English) has successfully passed all the stages of independent peer review in this Publishing House.

The monograph contains a sequential presentation of the environmental situation prevailing in the areas located near the Koshkar-Ata tailing pond (Mangistau region, Kazakhstan). It is the most problematic environmental facility containing waste from the uranium mining industry - from 1965 to the present.

It presents the results of an analysis of the negative impact of tailing pond on soil and vegetation cover, on the surface layer of the atmosphere and groundwater. On the basis of direct and indirect research methods (field radiometric and a set of laboratory analytical methods), quantitative information on the levels of contamination of environmental objects with radionuclides and chemical toxicants was obtained. The dose loads for the population living in the territories close to the tailing pond are determined. Taking into account the developed model for the spread of toxic and radioactive elements through the wind spraying of dust from the Koshkar-Ata tailings pond, a system for the environmental monitoring of the tailing pond and adjacent settlements has been identified.

On two control plots, an effective technology of rehabilitation measures has been worked out - taking into account the soil and climatic features of the area. Recommendations on technical solutions for reclamation of a pond with an increased radioactivity value and recommendations on the organization of a radioactive waste disposal site in the tailing pond are developed.

The monograph is intended for specialists in the field of environmental protection and radiation ecology, as well as senior students, undergraduates, graduate students, PhD students and young scientists.

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