Development of electroforming method for coating of polymer membranes by graphene oxide

Number 2_Vol.2

AUTHORS: F.R. Sultanov, Ch. Daulbayev, B. Bakbolat, Z.A. Mansurov

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020202

PAGES: 104 - 109

DATE: 2018-06-23


The current research is focused on development of electroforming method for coating of porous membranes by graphene oxide. A mixture based on polymethylmetacrylate dissolved in acetone and graphene oxide was pumped through the syringe pump onto the needle and high voltage was applied to both electrodes, one of which was on a glass plate, and the second was a needle thereby forming fibers, which coated the surface of membrane uniformly. The main parameters and concentrations of used polymer for uniform and complete coating of the surface of membrane are studied. Surface morphology of coated membranes was studied by SEM.


Electroforming method; graphene oxide; membranes; polymethylmetacrylate; desalination; water.


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