Neutrino oscillation induced by horizontal symmetry

Number 3_Vol.2

AUTHORS: Xiaoyan Wang, Yan Li, Xiangjun Chen

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020301

PAGES: 191 - 205

DATE: 2018-09-26


To obtain the interactions which cause neutrino flavor conversion, we introduce a horizontal symmetry into the standard model (SM) and propose the hypothesis that new interactions generated by the horizontal symmetry lead to neutrino flavor conversion and oscillation. To support our hypothesis, we evaluate the flavor conversion probability by new interactions by utilizing the definition of cross section, and the prediction is consistent to experimental data. From our hypothesis, neutrino oscillation is fluctuation of flavor distribution before arriving at equilibrium.


Neutrino-neutrino interaction, neutrino oscillation, beyond SM.


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