Synthesis of boride-titanium coatings by magnetron sputtering of composite targetss

Number 3_Vol.2

AUTHORS: A.S. Larionov, E.A. Zhakanbaeyev, A.L. Kozlovski, A.S. Dikov, S.B. Kislitsin, L.V. Chekushina

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020306

PAGES: 251 - 258

DATE: 2018-09-26


The paper presents the results of investigations of the structure and phase composition of titanium boride coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering from a target of a complex composition onto a steel substrate. The target for magnetron sputtering was obtained by sintering boron carbide and titanium powders. The structure and elemental composition of the coating were studied using X-ray diffractometry (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the energy-dispersive spectral (EDS). It was established that the coating structure is a mixture of Ti2B5 and TiB12 phases with the total boron content of 80 at %, which is 4 times higher than the boron concentration in the coatings obtained by plasma spraying of the B4C powder. The use of magnetron sputtered coatings of titanium boride coatings as neutron-absorbing materials will allow to reduce the coating thickness in comparison with the coatings from boron carbide synthesized by plasma spraying methods.


Copper sulfide, thermal conductivity, thermoelectric materials, superionic conductors.


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