Different methods of correcting the readings of the DVGN-01 albedo neutron dosimeter placed behind the IBR-2M protection

Number 4_Vol.2

AUTHORS: Yu.V. Mokrov, S.V. Morozova, G.N. Timoshenko, V.A. Krylov, O.B. Badunov, G.A. Seilkhanova

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020402

PAGES: 307 - 314

DATE: 2018-12-24


The paper presents the results of correction of readings of DVBN-01 albedo dosimeters behind IBR-2M protection, the Neutron Physics Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, by various methods. The neutron spectra were measured at two points behind the IBR-2M protection in the experimental halls, and measurements were carried out with the spherical albedo system at these points. The correction coefficients for DVGN-01 were calculated from the measured spectra based on the data of the spherical albedo system. A good agreement of the coefficients calculated by different methods is shown, which indicates the reliability of the obtained values for the correction coefficients. Based on the results of this work and the data obtained in the other investigations, the values of correction factors recommended for use in individual radiation control (IRC) in the FLNP were obtained.


 Albedo neutrons, IBR-2M reactor, DVGN-01 readings.


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