Synthesis and investigation of optical properties of CdSe quantum dots with high quantum luminescence yield

Number 4_Vol.2

AUTHORS: A.Z. Kainarbay, T.N. Nurakhmetov, Z.M. Salikhodja, A.M. Zhunusbekov, D.K. Daurenbekov, B. Sadykova, B. Yussupbekova, K. Zhanylysov, A. Kainarbayeva, N. Adalbek, N. Shaken, A. Turmakhanbetova, K.N. Balabekov

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020405

PAGES: 331 - 340

DATE: 2018-12-24


In the present work, an attempt to obtain quantum dots with a high quantum luminescence yield has been made. For this purpose, the existing methods of synthesis have been studied; approbation of availability and reproducibility of the results and possibility of obtaining luminescent QD samples in the required spectral region has been made. The optical characteristics, the influence of the synthesis conditions, the possibility of using nanostructured materials for sensitization of solar cells have been studied.


colloidal quantum dots, CdSe, synthesis, luminescence.


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