High resolution gamma-ray spectrometry using GALILEO array

Number 1_Vol.3

AUTHORS: D. Testov, J.J. Valiente-Dobon, D. Mengoni, F. Recchia, A. Goasduff, A. Boso, S. Lenzi, G. de Angelis, S. Lenzi, S. Bakes, C. Boiano, B. Cederwall, G. Colucci, M. Cicerchia, P. Colovic, F. Didierjean, M. Doncel, J.A. Duenas, F. Galtarossa, A. Gozzelino, K. Hadynska-Klek, R. Isocrate, G. Jaworski, P.R. John, H. Liu, S. Lunardi, R. Menegazzo, A. Mentana, V. Modamio, A. Nannini, D.R. Napoli, M. Palacz, G. Pasqualato, M. Rocchini, S. Riccetto, B. Saygi, E. Sahin, M. Siciliano, Yu. Sobolev, S. Szilner

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2019030111

PAGES: 84 - 90

DATE: 2019-03-20


The GALILEO  gamma-ray spectrometer has been constructed at the Legnaro National Laboratory of INFN (LNL-INFN). It can be coupled to advanced ancillary devices which allows nuclear structure studies employing the variety of in-beam  gamma-ray spectroscopy methods. Such studies benefit from reactions induced by the intense stable beams delivered by the Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE accelerator complex and by the radioactive beams which will be provided by the SPES facility. In this paper we outline two experiments performed within the experimental campaign at GALILEO coupled to the EUCLIDES Si-ball and the Neutron Wall array. The first one was aimed at spectroscopic studies in A=31 mirror nuclei and the second one at measurements of lifetimes of excited states in nuclei in the vicinity of 100Sn.


 Gamma-ray spectroscopy,  gamma-ray spectrometer, nuclear structure, nuclearstate lifetime.


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