Neutron-physical parameters at the outlet of the WWR-K reactor beam tube

Number 3_Vol.3

AUTHORS: A.B. Bauyrzhan, S.N. Koltochnik, M.T. Aitkulov, D.S. Dyussambayev, A.A. Shaimerdenov, B. Mukhametuly, N.T. Burtebaev

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2019030303

PAGES: 219 - 225

DATE: 2019-09-23


The paper is devoted to the neutron-physical parameters obtained via combined calculations and experimental measurements for the exit of the WWR-K reactor beam tube. The experimentally measured values of the thermal and fast neutron flux densities at the exit comprise 9.6 × 108 and 8.4 × 107 cm-2 s-1 , respectively. The dose rate of gamma-emission is 30 Sv/h. The obtained parameters will be used in designing of the collimation and screening systems of the installation for radiography and tomography to be created at the beam tube #1.


WWR-K reactor, neutron spectrum, neutron beam, MCNP, neutron flux.


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