The effect of high-temperature annealing on the phase transformations of the perovskite YTiO3−x system

Number 3_Vol.3

AUTHORS: D.A. Mustakhieva, I.Z. Zhumataeva, A.L. Kozlovsky, K.K. Kadyrzhanov

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2019030308

PAGES: 260 - 268

DATE: 2019-09-23


This paper presents the results of a study of the structural characteristics of perovskite systems based on YTiOx. These samples were subjected to heat treatment in the process of solid-phase synthesis. The change in physicochemical properties was investigated by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray structural and energy dispersive analysis. In the course of the work, it was found that the synthesized samples are a mixture of three phases characteristic of yttrium compounds with titanium. A quantitative change in the phases during the heat treatment indicates phase transformations and a change in the basic crystallographic characteristics. The results of these studies indicate that during thermal annealing, the density of perovskites changes, indicating phase transformations due to the mobility of impurity defects and distortion of the crystal lattice.


perovskites, oxides, crystal structure, thermal annealing


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