Detailed study of Rf and No isotopes radioactive decay properties

Number 4_Vol.3

AUTHORS: M.S. Tezekbayeva, A.V. Yeremin, O.N. Malyshev, M.L. Chelnokov, V.I. Chepigin, A.V. Isaev, A.V. Karpov, A.A. Kuznetsova, A.G. Popeko, Yu.A. Popov, A.I. Svirikhin, E.A. Sokol, A. Lopez-Martens, K. Hauschild, O. Dorvaux, B. Gall, P. Mosat, B.S. Sailaubekov

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2019030402

PAGES: 300 - 306

DATE: 2019-12-20


The experiments of detailed study of No and Rf isotopes radioactive decay properties in complete fusion reactions 50Ti+ 208Pb and 48Ca+208,206,204Pb with subsequent neutron evaporation from the excited compound nucleus at the kinematic separator SHELS were performed in FLNR JINR. The data of the 256Rf decay properties and preliminary data of 250No decay properties are presented.


No and Rf isotopes, radioactive decay, complete fusion reactions, excited compound nucleus


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