Electron-hole capture centers in an irradiated K2SO4-Cu crystal

Number 4_Vol.3

AUTHORS: T.N. Nurakhmetov, Zh.M. Salikhodzha, R.Z. Bakhtizin, A.M. Zhunusbekov, A.Zh. Kainarbay, D.H. Daurenbekov, B.M. Sadykova, K.B. Zhangylyssov, B.N. Yussupbekova

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2019030405

PAGES: 330 - 338

DATE: 2019-12-20


The methods of vacuum-ultraviolet and thermal activation spectroscopy were used to measure the excitation spectra of impurity radiation in the fundamental absorption band of K2SO4-Cu crystals at 15 K and 300 K. An energy transfer was detected from the base to Cu + impurities. The band gap of crystals K 2 SO 4 was estimated. In K2SO4-Cu crystals, recombination radiation bands were detected at 2.95 ÷ 3.0 eV corresponding to electron-hole capture centers.


photon, electron, hole, tunnel luminescence, recombination, band gap


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