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A ROOT-based program for analysing data on T-odd asymmetry in the neutron-induced fission of heavy nuclei

Number 2_Vol.4

AUTHORS: D.B. Berikov, G.S. Ahmadov, Yu.N. Kopatch, K.Sh. Zhumadilov

DOI: 10.29317/2020040201

PAGES: 114 - 121

DATE: 2020-06-22


This paper presents a ROOT based program that allows processing the data from experiments on the ROT-asymmetry in the angular distribution of fission products and present the results of the experiment in a convenient and visual form. The program can work with huge data sets and detect very subtle effects. The algorithm used by the program is given in this work. The overall description of the experimental setup, as well as data acquisition and processing systems, are presented, too.


data processing program, data acquisition and processing system, ROT-asymmetry, polarized neutrons.


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