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Testing and modeling HpGe detector with anti-Compton shield

Number 3_Vol.4

AUTHORS: N.T. Tursunbayev, B.A. Urazbekov

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2020040303

PAGES: 213 - 225

DATE: 2020-09-23


Simulating with GEANT4 of anti-Compton shield containing eight BGO scintillators that works on anticoincidence
with HpGe detector was presented. The coefficient value of Compton tail suppression on 60Co spectrum was taken by simulating and from experiment. Comparing results of experimental data with simulating were presented. The influence of anti-coincidence inclusion on the detector efficiency was determined with simulation.


HpGe detector, BGO scintillators, GEANT4, anti-Compton shield


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