Study of integral characteristics of the turbulent jet elements of power plants

Number 2_Vol.2

AUTHORS: M.S. Isatayev, Zh.K. Seydulla, A. Dosanova, Zh. Tolen

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020209

PAGES: 165 - 170

DATE: 2018-06-23


The work represents the results of experimental research of aerodynamics of three-dimensional turbulent jets flowing from nozzles with rectangle outflow face. The results of measurements of average and pulse flow characteristics of threedimensional jets are given. The data on axis speed and turbulence intensity are given and an attempt to reveal their interrelation is made. The results of experimental data comparison on axis speed attenuation of three-dimensional jets with the data for axis symmetric stream are presented.


Dynamic and thermal flow characteristics; turbulent jet; three-dimensional jet.


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