Effect of omega(782) resonance on the response functions for d(e,e’π+)nn reaction

Number 2_Vol.2

AUTHORS: M. Tammam , Zakaria M. M. Mahmoud , Mohamed S. I. Koubisy

DOI: 10.29317/ejpfm.2018020204

PAGES: 119 - 128

DATE: 2018-06-23


In the present work we study the effect of the Omega (ω(782)) resonance on the response functions for the incoherent positive pion electroproduction on the deuteron at different values of the squaredfour-momentum transfers (Q2) and the virtual photon lab energy (k0lab). The study is carried out in the impulse approximation (IA), i.e. the final state interactions are neglected. The elementary amplitude for pion electroproduction is taken from the MAID-2007 model. The effect seems to be very small and slightly increases with increasing virtual photon lab energy.


Pion electroproduction; the ω ( 782 ) resonance; invariant amplitudes; CGLN amplitudes; structure functions; the impulse approximation (IA).


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