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X International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei. Russia, Petrozavodsk September 10-15, 2018.

Dear Colleagues!
We are very sincere welcome you to take part in the IX Traditional International Symposium on Exotic Nuclei EXON-2018 which will be held in Petrozavodsk, 10 - 15 September 2018.
The symposium will start on Monday morning, 10th September and finish on Friday 15th September at evening.

   We anticipate a productive symposium and we hope to see many of you!
So we have the pleasure to extend you EXON-2018 first circular attached to the letter.
   Symposium will be held in Petrozavodsk (the capital city of the Republic of Karelia), which stretches along the western shore of Lake Onega for some 27 kilometers (17 mi).
   Traditionally the aim of the symposium has been the discussion of the latest results on the  synthesis and properties of exotic nuclei, including the lightest and  the superheavy ones, as well as the plans of the current and future collaborations.
  The Symposium will be devoted to the investigation of nuclei in extreme states and, in particular, at the limits of nuclear stability (from very light neutron- and proton-rich up to superheavy nuclei).
The EXON 2018 symposium will deal with the following 5 topics:
     •  Properties  of  light exotic nuclei
     •  Superheavy elements. Synthesis and properties
     •  Rare processes and decays
     •  Radioactive beams. Production and research programs
     •  Experimental facilities and future projects.
The program will include oral (20 – 30 min) and poster presentations of contributed papers.
 Yours proposal and suggestions would be welcomed.

The organizers of the Symposium are
FLNR JINR (Dubna), RIKEN (Wako-shi), GANIL (Caen), GSI (Darmstadt), NSCL (Michigan) and and PetrSu (Petrozavodsk Federal University).

Co-chairmen :
Yu. Oganessian (JINR, Dubna)
H. En'yo (RIKEN, Japan)
A. Navin (GANIL, France)
Ch. Scheidenberger (GSI, Germany)
G. Bollen (MSU, USA)

International Organizing Committee:
V. Matveev  (JINR, Dubna)
T. Uesaka (Japan)
G. Trubnikov (Russia)
M.Lewitowicz (France)
B. Sherrill (USA)
S. Yennello (USA)
A. Maj (Poland)
A. Jokinen (Finland)
Z. Vilakazi (South Africa)

  Also, if you know of scientists who wish to take part in our Symposium, please inform them.
There is a pdf-file of the announce EXON-2018 First Circular" in the attachment of this letter.
  For communication please contact
More information will be soon available on our website:

We are looking forward to receiving contributions from you and from your colleagues.
      On behalf of the EXON2018 Organizing Committee,
        Yuri Penionzhkevich (chairman)
        Yuri Sobolev (scientific secretary)



L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna,  Russian Federation
Physics and Technical Society of Kazakhstan


Changes to the Editorial Board

In order to attract well-known, highly-qualified scientists in their research field and improved journal's geography, changes to the Editorial Board will be made.

Included in the editorial board:

Rustem Ospanov, University of Manchester, School of Physics and Astronomy (Manchester, United Kingdom).

 Excluded from the editorial board:

Talgat Inerbaev,  Department of Technical Physics, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan).


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