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Mission and Conception

Mission  and  Conception of  the  Development  of  the  Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials

Mission of the journal. Eurasian Journal of Physics and Functional Materials strives for making its significant contribution to the promotion and dissemination of new scientific knowledge in physics and technology by publishing the results of fundamental research for a wide range of researchers in the special fields of physics and high technology.

A long-term strategy of the Founders and the Editorial Board of the journal is to  publish a scientific journal, in high demand in the field of physics and science-intensive technologies, the level of which will enable it to be included in the world's leading science databases (Web of Science, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, INSPEC, Index Copernicus, etc.).

This strategy is supported by the authoritative members of the Editorial Board including well-known scientists and specialists –top-ranked professionals in their field of knowledge. Members of the Editorial Board of the journal are leading foreign and national scientists representing the world's leading research centers, including centers in Europe and Asia.

The topics of this journal include the most actual issues of physics and science-intensive technologies: nuclear physics, high-energy physics, radiation ecology, alternative energy (nuclear and hydrogen, photovoltaics, new energy sources, energy efficiency and energy saving, the impact of the energy sector on the environment), functional materials and associated high-tech problems. These areas of research are in demand in world science and, at the same time, they are intensively developing in Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and Asia.

The journal has a unique thematic niche and is published only in English. The editorial board sees the task of the journal in quick familiarization of its readers with the current problems and achievements of modern physics and technology. Therefore, for publication in the journal we select high-quality manuscripts containing new scientific results of a keen interest to the community of physicists and scholars of interdisciplinary sciences.

The journal has its own site  On this site one can:

•Get more information about the journal;

•Read the rules for the authors;

•Send an online-manuscript  for publication in the journal with subsequent monitoring of the stages of its passage.

In the framework of the Development Strategy, we consider a possibility of gradual transition to the publication of the journal in the well-known Publishing House SpringerNature.

The journal has its own niche, wide popularity and a desire to be included in the world's leading databases for journals of physics and technology (with a good impact factor).

All issues of the journal and published articles have DOI, which is important for the quick search of the relevant publication and getting its full version.

Kazakhstani and foreign scientists are invited for online publication of their articlesin the journal.

  • Scientific reviews and manuscripts in English are accepted;

  • All manuscripts are peer-reviewed (double-blind reviews);

  • Free access to publications is provided;

  • Journal numbers are published in printed and electronic versions on the journal's website.

Editor-in-chief, Professor   K.A. Kuterbekov



L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna,  Russian Federation
Physics and Technical Society of Kazakhstan


Changes to the Editorial Board

In order to attract well-known, highly-qualified scientists in their research field and improved journal's geography, changes to the Editorial Board will be made.

Included in the editorial board:

Rustem Ospanov, University of Manchester, School of Physics and Astronomy (Manchester, United Kingdom).

 Excluded from the editorial board:

Talgat Inerbaev,  Department of Technical Physics, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Astana, Kazakhstan).


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